Technical Assistance

techassistThis program provides one-on-one counseling to business owners and is provided by OAME staff. Successful techniques and innovative approaches applied to technical assistance with small business owners, it assists each individual business owner with designing an action plan for its business plan creation, management and administration of the business, marketing/sales, budgeting, location and financing.

 assists the business owners in understanding all phases of owning and managing a business; a business analysis evaluation and an action plan are performed to evaluate if good management practices are implemented or practiced, to find out where the business is and what actions shall be taken to improve the business. Also business owners will learn how to network with major business owners and organizations. The business technical assistance service to start-up and existing businesses empower each minority business owner with the tools, concepts and strategies to make a long-term commitment to strengthen their business.

OAME established as part of the technical assistance service a Mentorship Program in an effort to assist minority business growth, development and support. The Mentorship Program will enhance the personal and business development of the owners involved. The program creates a relationship between a low-income, minority business and the experience and knowledge of a Mentor.

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